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Oakwood Creek's rich history

Oakwood Creek was built in the 1930s by WW Wood and his wife Leanora. Wood drove a truck which hauled dairy milk from the outlying ranches into the town of Julian. Later on, Wood would operate B&L Liquor on the main street of Julian. The remains of W's garage are still very apparent on the property today, along with his goat shed and stables. Oakwood Creek has one of the last intact water towers in the historic district. The property has been preserved to reflect the period in which it was built. This beautiful venue sits atop a picturesque knoll overlooking the historic town of Julian. 

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A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Sherry Horton, owner of Oakwood Creek Celebrations, offers a signature style that everyone—no matter their affair—will find "oh so easy". Growing up in rural Ohio, Sherry  brings the style of country that is reminiscent of simpler gracious times, learning from her grandmother Emma Barrett of all things romantically beautiful. Sherry’s work has been featured in Country Living Magazine, Where Women Create, and San Diego Magazine.

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